rough travel prague

When in Prague

Photo, Trials & Tribulations

rough travel pragueI recently took a little trip with my boyfriend to Prague. It was an Easyjet deal, fairly cheap and we only got 2 full days – but it was defiantely worth it.

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WE STAYED: In a hotel that goes by the name of PRAGA 1. Although the tripadvisor reviews were all good, we were a little disappointed. The room had 2 singles together instead of a double (and I kept getting vertigo in the night as the bed was uneven!) However despite the hotel being a little drab, the location was PERFECT. Everything was in walking distance and breakfast was lovely.

WE VISITED: Charles bridge, we walked around both the old and the new town, went to both the toy museum and the national museum. Prague is a city full of beautiful architecture and history, and theres chance to learn about the Austia-Hungary/Chezch independance at the naitional history museum – which I would highly recommend.

WE DRANK: So much beer. Beer is cheap in prague, at 300-400 Kronas a pint, which is around £1/£1.50. I’m not a massive fan of beer, however I discovered a bizzare beer cocktail by the name of Diesel, which is actually beer and coke. It was GREAT. And we spent many hours in a pub by the name of Hoppollaaa … good for bohemian styling and 90s techno music – a strange mix but it definately worked.


Also a great place for photography!

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