Welcome to the bad luck club 


Little lupin bad luck club

So, I’m a superstitious person, yes that’s true. BUT I had not realised the actual power of a broken mirror. I’m now low key freaked out.


Last sunday, I shut my window which had a mirror balancing on the ledge, and it fell and broke much to my dismay (seriously, that little mirror has travelled 12 countries and countless festivals with me). Oh no! 7 years bad luck! My boyfriend laughed it off, little did he know…


Fast forward a week later and there’s been a few mishaps. They say bad luck comes in threes. Well…


little lupin car photo
      1. The car broke down on the way to the great ocean road. It 100% died. On the motorway somewhere random an hour away from Melbourne. We managed to get it to a train station, but of course the train was a coach replacement, and of course it was late, and of course it took twice as long.


      1. I had a beautiful job in a hip little cafe in Fitzroy. They haven’t been that busy though, and therefore I lost that beautiful job. Bye free coffee, bye kimchi pancakes (sob).


      1. To put the icing on the cake… I found a new job working on an apple farm through a lovely friend. I work up yesterday with a swollen face the size of china because I’m allergic to my new job on the apple farm.


little lupin train track

And so.
JOY. All about that PMA though (see prev. post). You’ve got to laugh, or else you’d cry (sobs into cup of tea after dropping a biscuit in it).
Also, I’m not listening to any of the inspirational quotes that say ‘you make your own luck’, or any of that crap. I’m sticking my middle finger up to luck, accepting it’s been a bad week for it, and I’m carrying on.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the bad luck club 

  1. brilliant attitude tbh, sometimes it’s your week, other times it isn’t! also, you know you might as well stop trying after the biscuit has drowned ha ha i usually just hide in bed after. Just kidding! Love this post, chin up Emmy ❤

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