Little Lupin Photo

Melbourne’s been my home for a good few months now, but it’s taken a while for me to fall in love with it. I’ve been in and out of jobs like no-one’s business, mostly skint, and I just can’t seem to find routine. I also spent a month over Christmas at home, so it’s been very hit and miss.

Little Lupin coffee photo

But I’m just starting to feel the Melbourne groove. I bought a bike, and I’m really enjoying whizzing through the streets, going for coffee (we all know Melbourne is known for it’s coffee) and getting occasionally caught in a downpour.

Little Lupin photo bike

Whilst I’ve not taken nearly as many photos as I normally would have done over the last few months, here’s a few faves from Melbs adventures so far.

Smith & Daughters.

Little Lupin Smith and Daughters Photo

A Mexican Vegan Canteen with food that left me puzzled as to how it could be Vegan. Beautiful, pink haired, tattooed lady staff (girl crush siren), a ridiculously awesome Latin Madonna vibe and delicious food. Winner.
Located on Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Original Keith Haring Wall.

Little Lupin Keith Haring Photo Melbourne

I stumbled across this one day when I was wandering around trying to find a new book to buy. Pretty cool.
Located in Collingwood.

Naked For Satan.

Little Lupin Naked for Satan Melbourne

A rooftop tapas bar with expensive wine, but an excellent view.
Located on Brunswick st.

David Hockney Exhibition at the NGV.

Little Lupin David Hockney Exhibition 1Little Lupin David Hockney Exhibition 2

Say no more. Mostly pieces that he has drawn on his iPad, which amazes me as the man’s about 80 years old. I’m all about the colour combos. Big fan.
Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria

The Australian Open.

Little Lupin Australian Open

Not normally a sport fan, but I felt that I couldn’t miss an opportunity to go to the Aus Open. And it was SO GOOD. Maybe I’m gonna start playing tennis…

Slowpoke Espresso.

Little Lupin slowpoke espresso melbourneLittle Lupin Slowpoke Espresso Coffee

Slow Monday morning coffee vibes. Nice Granola.
Located on Brunswick st, Fitzroy.

Fitzroy Gardens.

Little Lupin Fitztroy Gardens

At one with tree. Tranquil, beautiful green space near our house. Melbourne really can’t be beaten when it comes to parks.

So I’ve still got a lot to explore, you’ll notice most of these things are on Brunswick st/Fitzroy – which is conveniently near where I live. I’ve a lot more touristy things to do here. But so far, so good.

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