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Happy Sunday World!

How have you been doing in this whirlwind, crazy time? That’s what this moment has seemed like to me – crazy, whirlwind, bonkers.

I arrived back on English soil on June 1st, after around 2 years away from home. Everyone said to me that nothing will have changed at home in the time I’d been travelling – and they were right, really. The houses looked the same, the road signs led to the same places. People still milling around, doing their jobs, looking forward to the weekends. Flowers blooming, streetlights flickering.

But when I arrived back, so many small things struck me. I took in my home like I was gulping breaths of fresh air – the familiarity of the sofa, how tall my sister had grown, what the garden looked like in the soft light of the morning. Dogs bounding around the house, having a cup of tea and a long chat at the dining room table. There are so many things that we take for granted, that can only be appreciated really in absence.

Anyway, enough of my poetic ramblings. Essentially my life spiralled at a million miles as soon as I opened my front door. Within a week of being back in Nottingham I’d got a job, and within 2 months I’ve moved into my own flat. Whether this is where I want to be forever, who knows. But what I do know is, it’s nice to be home at the minute – and I won’t go into the ridiculous up and down of emotion that comes with moving back, because that’s a conversation for another day.

Here’s a few nice moments from the past few months in between the ups and downs. Since I last wrote on here my art has taken a nice little feminine niche also, that I’m pretty into. More of that to come.

Peace out for now. Life’s a trip x


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